Friday, April 9, 2010

Confessions of Shoeholics

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Angel: Ok..June..this is too much...too much. how can you waste your money just for...for..the shoe??

Me: I don'n know...For the first time I saw this shoe....I know I must get it. I love shoe...You know it.

Angel: Yes...I know you love shoe...but this shoe is so expensive compared to the other.

Me: You are wrong. All my shoes are expensive and have their own sentimental value. The different is, I bought it during sale time. If not, it expensive too...hahhahha...

Angel: So, when you want to wear it?

Me: I don't know...maybe one day...but the important is, buy it and have it. :D

Angel: ????


Today..I received my order from Yunique Paradise, a pair of wedges which I ordered last month. This is the first time I tried to order shoe through online. Before, I just buy shoe from shoe store because it easy to me to choose the right one to comfort my foot. You know, it is not easy to find shoe which will comfy with your foot as you need to consider the size first. Different brand will have different size measurement...and also different contry will have their own size measurement. Here, enjoy the picture..

This is 4" t-strap wedges (virgin white).

Front view

Note: will consider small size if want to make next order. Luckily this wedges have strappy stripe.

2 uncang teh :

green apple said...

nice shoe but white?? errr, kalau dapat kat akak jawabnya jahanam.

~*irjune*~ said...

thanks kak green apple. huhuhu...ntahla...mula2 tgk kaler putih ni terus berkenan, tapi bila dah sampai kawan kata macam kasut nurse terus terpikir 2 3 kali macam btul la plak. tapi tak kisah la...leh je pakai hehheheh


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