Friday, December 17, 2010

My 20 Minutes Survey

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Tetiba aku di tag oleh kawan seopis aku utk jawab soklan survey. Survey plak dalam English....tapi kalau aku jawab BM takpe kot ek....malas nak buka kamus la....hehhehe...

My Countless Minutes Survey

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.
(oh! ade instruction la plak...macam nak jawab soalan exam je)

Person who tagged : kErul
Starting time : 10.10 am

Name : Jun
Full name : Junaidah Ali Mohd Jobran (nama bapak punya panjang)
Sibling(s) : 7
Eye colour : brown
Shoe size : 8
Hair : long and black
Height : 5'4"

What are you wearing right now : baju kurung
Where do you live : at the dead zone....kangar
Favourite number : 8
Favourite drink : tea and sky juice
Favourite month : August  =)
Favourite breakfast : roti cap pingpong cecah air milo...nyum nyum

******-Have you ever-******
Broken a bone : nope!
Been in a police car : hopefully...not
Fallen for a friend :  yes...once upon a time
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : yes....the hawaii five-o main actor, Alex O'Loughlin
Swam in the ocean : nope...selalu kuak lentang atas katil je
Fallen asleep in school : always...sampai time keje pun selalu tetido gak
Broken someone's heart : ade kot...but i think someone broken my heart ade laaa
Cried when someone died : cat...koko...can it be consider?
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : no la...alway throw up my phone atas katil
Saved e-mails : yes...the important emails only
Been cheated on : i think so....

Your room looks like : which room?.office room or room at home?
What is right beside you : printer
What is the last thing you ate : roti cap pingpong cicah air breakfast

******-Ever Had-******
Chicken pox : yes...10 years ago
Sore throat : tgh sakit tekak ni
Stitches : takut jarum
Broken nose : idung pun pesek camne nak patah...

******-Do You-******
Believe in love at first sight : yes yes yes....i fall in love with Johnny Depp
Like picnics? : love to...

Who did you last yell at? : cat
Who was the last person you danced with? : cicak dan semut...nak elak binatang ni macam style gaya menari je
Who last made you smile? : hantu kak limah....bukan setakat senyum mmg aku gelak sengih2 sampai penat perut

******-Final Questions-******
What are you listening to right now? : bunyi aircond
What did you do today? : jawab soklan survey ni sambil update blog kusam ni
Are you the oldest? : nope!
Indoors or outdoors? : both can be consider

******-Today did you-******
Talk to someone you like? : not yet...aku sorang je kat opis ni dan err..seekor "katak"
Kiss anyone? : nope...katak tu pun dah hilang....
Sing? : no...because the aircond rhythm is not synchronise with my note
Talk to an ex? : no and don't want it any more
Miss someone ? : en. syg
Eat? : just for breakfast

******-Last person who-******
You talked to on the phone? : my uncle...Paman wahid
Made you cry? : en. syg...i cried because i miss him so much
Went to the movies with? : wanishah ahmad =)
You went to the mall with? : wanishah ahmad too
Who cheered you up? : en.syg juga

******-Have you-******
Been to Mexico? : no!
Been to USA? : no!

Have a crush on someone? : yes
What books are you reading right now? : how can i read a book when i answered this survey
Best feeling in the world? : being loved
Future kids name? : confirm belakang ada nama en. syg
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : boleh tak aku nak awet en. syg aku tu?
What's under your bed? : alatan jahitan manik
Favourite sport(s) : kuak lentang atas katil
Favourite place : atas katil la.....zzZZZzzz
Who do you really hate? : hipokrit
Do you have a job? :  yes
What time is it now? : 10.30am

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _____ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people

kat sini aku nak tag...rafe aka ah fie, che jimah...shida baim, whooz...dan pengunjung2 blog aku ni...aku TAG korang semua.

4 uncang teh :

shida said...

aiyark.. camner nak menjawab tag ni... tak gheti la eden

fie said...

ahahaha..gila sengal ko jawab.en.syg eh??

~*irjune*~ said...

rafe...dah mmg aku syg dia...(erk!).

pah...sila jawab sila jawab

kEruL said...

hehehe...already answered so no need to do twice =)


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