Monday, January 3, 2011

The Summary of 2010

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It should be the last entry for 2010 but I just have time to write it on 2011. But, I think it's ok since 2011 still on the early stage. So, guys here the random list what was happend for last year.
  1. I'm back to handle lab that I first time handled it last 5 years. It look funny that I need to study back the lab which I developed it. Heheheh....macam sirih pulang ke gagang la plak aku ni...
  2. Meet my old friend and suddenly had a crush with him. Funny la kejap.
  3. My azam for the 2010 is not thinking about love and want to ignore any feeling about it but unfortunately I was fell in love with him.
  4. Last year was the hard time for me and it was hard to face it alone. Luckily I have my bestie to share the hard time, to share my joy and to share my tears.
  5. For the 1st time I spend my night watching world cup 2010. Alone.
  6. After 7 years, I feel back the feeling of love. nice huh!
  7. For the first time I know what is the feeling of being stressed on work and study. It was hard time for me. Kadang-kadang sampai nak nangis jadinya...and aku memang menangis pun.
  8. Had a car accident with my Myvi. Langgar tembok longkang. All my saving was burned.
  9. Jahit manik kat baju tunang adik aku sampai nak muntah hijau. Kesannya....2 helai baju aku masih lagi tersadai dalam almari sbb manik tak siap jahit lagi.
  10. Postponed this year vacation with both my bestie because both of them have their own problems.
  11. My weight is growing day by day. Ohh!!! shittt!
  12. My sister got engaged on May, married on Nov and officially I have brother in law. Yaay! Hahaha...
  13. Starting have cats as pet but unfortunately one of them was missing, one was dead and only one is still alive but look like a stupid cat...hahhaha....(sorry are not gebu anymore).
  14. Got trapped with silly salesmans to buy their products but luckily it can be used. (actually I was silly too at that time...hahha).
  15. The best time Hari Raya 2010. Raya sakan beb!
  16. Happy for my brother and sister to their success in life, working and study. Mail got his job as pharmacist, Jedin continue his study in UiTM and Heri pass his PMR with flying colors. Thanks to Allah.
  17. Spend a lot of time and money watching movies compared to 2009.
  18. Visiting my friend at Ipoh after 2-3 years not meet her.
  19. Repeating the memory of 2006 (if not mistaken) watching the sequel of Kg Pisang (hantu kak Limah) movie directed by Mamat Khalid. It so a funny movie.
  20. Have a date (officially) with him and starting to called him sayang. Alamak..gatal la plak aku ni...hehehhe...
  21. Spending 3 weeks continuously driving from Perlis to Ipoh, Perlis to Sungkai and Perlis to Shah Alam. Penat tapi best..almaklum la dapat drive auto.
  22. Had a family vacation with my aunties and uncles at Sungkai...Wah mandi air panas dengan air sejuk sampai demam.
  23. Suddently become a mad person and some time being crazy for about 2 to 3 weeks just because missing him. Gilakan! Luckily tak sampai lukakan diri sendiri. Nasib baik.
  24. Ade gosip tak baik pasal aku kat opis yang buat aku nangis....memang aku nangis sebenarnya.
Wah! what a long list I have, but this list will continue for the next 365 days of 2011. Haiyaaa.....!

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