Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Prepare ALSD2

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Plan to reduce your body weight and get the right shape for your body? This is the right time for you to try ALPHA LIPID SLIM DIET 2. A product with high soy protein to help you burn your fat. 

There are 4 simple ways to prepare your ALSD2 drink:

Mix 2 scoops ALSD2 in 250ml cool water. 
WARNING:  Do not mix your ALSD2 with warm or hot water.

Close the cover tightly and start to shake slowly.

Shake well until the ALSD2

Your ALSD2 is ready to drink

Interested to try ALSD2? Feel free to contact me:

Junaidah binti Ali Mohd Jobran / 012 5606046

Nota_jari: picture kredit to Google and Kak Hazura

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kEruL said...

aik....sejak bile plak nih?

~*irjune*~ said...

sejak baru2 ni...hihihi...nnt lps bersalin kalau kerul nak turunkan berat badan, minum la ALSD2 ni...ctct kak jun ok. spesel delivery g batu pahat. hahha


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