Friday, November 1, 2013

Organization Personality

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Assalamualaikum wbt.

Jalan-jalan gi blog Nota Ibu, ada link untuk buat kuiz personaliti susunatur kat sini. Jadi teruja nak buat la juga. Nak tau aku ni personaliti jenis apa. Bila dah buat..keputusannya adalah...aku ni jenis "Party Planner's Organization Personality"

Jadi..orang yang "party planner's organization personality" ni jenis macam mana, sila baca kat bawah ni (malas nak translate).

A Fun Personality

A Fun Personality

"Are you the first person to raise your hand in favor of getting together with friends but would rather leave the organization up to someone else? Then you might have what professional organizer Audrey Thomas calls a party planner's organization personality. Because you have an extensive list of other exciting things you'd rather be doing than, say, cleaning out your closet, staying focused on the task at hand is often challenging. Take control by taking a page from this collection of ideas (and download our free organizational checklist to keep you on track). When your storage solutions are fun to use and pretty to live with, you'll be more likely to want to get organized and to stay that way."

Jadi..korang pula jenis personaliti yang macam mana. Jom try test tengok. Enjoy the quiz

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Linda said...

Terima kasih Ijun sebab sudi datang ziarah....;)

~*irjune*~ said...

sama-sama linda. :D


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